Premium Conveyancing Services

Whether you're selling an investment property, moving into a retirement home or entering the market as a new homebuyer, our conveyancing lawyers in Townsville are here to help with these important life decisions.

It goes without saying that buying and selling property is considered one of the biggest investment decisions you will make in your lifetime.

Our conveyancing lawyers in Townsville will ensure you have the necessary support to get you from A to B. Whether it’s drafting a new property contract, reading through a contract prepared by another solicitor or discharging an existing mortgage, the Keylaw legal team will make the whole process simple and easy for you.

With over 20 years experience helping clients achieve their property goals, we are proud to deliver only the best conveyancing solutions in the industry.

From market leading software to an ongoing commitment to service excellence, our team is here to look after all your property contractual obligations every step of the way.

Why Keylaw is the best choice for conveyancing?

  • Outstanding customer service
  • High quality & knowledgeable legal advice
  • Innovative technology that simplifies the whole process
  • Fixed low cost conveyancing fees to suit your budget
  • We help simplify key issues, complex matters & assist with contract negotiations

What is conveyancing & how does it all work?

Having a basic understanding of conveyancing will enable you to navigate the residential property market much easier.

Conveyancing is essentially the transfer of property ownership from one party to another and most often involves a buyer and seller.

There are a variety of steps involved throughout this transfer process that must be looked at by a professional conveyancer or legal professional to ensure clarity of information and legal requirements are adequately disclosed.

If you’re looking for a reputable conveyancing firm that understands your needs, our legal team will get your paperwork sorted seamlessly and with minimal stress.

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